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My favorite financial websites


The current financial situation of many people represents the main trigger for stress and anxiety in today’s society. Since most people can’t afford to buy long-term goods such as houses and cars with cash, they appeal to all sorts of credits and mortgages and engage to pay monthly sums of money for extended periods of time.

However, many adults can’t seem to find a balance between their monthly payments and the rest of the spending, ending up losing their goods or having to refinance their initial credits for an extra period of time.

If you want to take control over your financial life, keep up to date, and learn new insides about this world, here are some of the most important websites you should regularly check and subscribe to.

CNN Money

With around 50 million unique monthly visitors, CNN Money is one of the biggest news networks in the world focused on finances. Here you can browse the latest deadlines, read new inside stories, and stay up to date with the latest current financial events of the year.

In addition, it has an entire column dedicated to daily market performances if you’re interested in this field.


This is Money

One of the most reputed UK-based financial platforms, This is Money is loaded with articles on a wide variety of topics, depending on your interests. Here you’ll find everything you want to know about money trends, stock markets, etc.

There is also a dedicated section for videos and advice so if you have any problem regarding your finances, this is the place to start looking for answers. In addition, This is Money aims to bring practical financial advice in the most important areas of one’s life.

So, if you want to start saving more money, invest your savings or find the best way to finance a new house, car or holiday, the UK-based platform is ready to help you out.


The Economist

Although most of its articles lately are rarely directly linked to finances and more to other economic aspects of one’s life, The Economist remains a reliable source for scholars and newbies alike.

The Economist is mainly known for its documented reviews and editorials on everything from gender inequality and pay gaps to war financing, terrorism, and politics. You can subscribe to its monthly editorials and read pertinent investigations and detailed articles on a wide variety of topics, all related to economics and finances.

The Wall Street Journal

If you’re mainly interested in stock, financial, and business news, then The Wall Street Journal is the perfect source of information. You can purchase both digital and printed subscriptions, and there are plenty of detailed financial analyses for corporations. There are also specific journals for professors and students so you’ll find plenty of important investigations and articles to read.