Month: January 2018

My top 4 money-saving tips


It’s not easy to avoid spending money especially with all sorts of sales and special offers that we see almost everywhere we look, from online stores to supermarkets. We buy the things we need but we also become impulsive and shop for items that we end up giving away or throwing in the back of the closet.

It’s quite a pity because controlling the urge to overspend can bring tremendous benefits to our lives. Besides putting money in the piggy-bank, we can save money for things that are actually worth it, like taking a cruise or visiting an exotic country.

If you feel lost, you shouldn’t be so negative about yourself because there are some basic money-saving tips that are known to be effective. This way, you can live your life and still have some cash leftover that you can deposit into your savings account.

  1. Say goodbye to daily trips to your favorite coffee shop

Indeed, it’s easier to just wake up in the morning and head out to your favorite coffee shop instead of brewing your coffee at home. However, cutting off this habit can save you some precious money. According to multiple studies, if you took the savings from making your own coffee and put them into a fund that comes with a 6.5% compound interest rate, you could get almost $8,000 in ten years time. And this is only for one coffee, each day.


  1. Scrutinize all your subscription services

Thanks to the world we live in, we have become accustomed to getting subscriptions for all sorts of services. We get Hulu because they have cool TV shows, Netflix because everybody can’t stop bragging their documentaries, and Amazon Prime Video because we’re nostalgic about the good old movies. But really, do you have time to watch them every single day? Ask yourself when was the last time you watched an entire show?

Not to mention that gym membership you made in January and used it only once this year. Everybody falls into this trap and spends money on things they never get to use. So, make sure you cancel a subscription if you don’t use it for 3 months in a row.


  1. Get a cell phone plan that fits your current needs

Maybe a few years ago when you signed a plan with your mobile provider, you were more than happy with the minutes and text messages included in the contract. However, you should consider other alternatives if you’re constantly going over your data limit or spending extra money on minutes. If you decide to upgrade your plan, you might increase your savings.


  1. Use special tool for retail purchases

Many tech companies have managed to develop solutions for shopaholics. With every retail purchase you make, you can use different apps that will search for applicable coupons that come in handy for online order.